3 Tips To Maintain Your LDL Cholesterol Range

What if I told you maintaining your LDL cholesterol range is not an easy task. LDL stands for low density liloprotein and LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol. There are various factors which affect cholesterol levels in your body such as age, sex, hereditary, alcohol, overweight, diet and many more. Hence it is essential to regulate your cholesterol level.

Mainly there are three types of liliproteins which flow into your blood stream. HDL or high density liloprotein, LDL or low density liloprotein and VLDL or very low density liloprotein. LDL and VLDL comes under the category of Bad cholesterols whereas HDL comes under Good cholesterols. The great HDL benefits your body while LDL and VLDL harms your body drastically.

Cholesterol is a form of fatty substance which moves along with your blood in the body. Cholesterol is produced by your liver naturally and provides many benefits to the body but the presence of excess cholesterol in the body might damage your body drastically.

A good cholesterol helps to produce essential vitamins and hormones and provides energy to your body. Whereas LDL cholesterol gathers excess cholesterol and saturated fat around the wall of arteries. It damages the artery walls and obstructs the flow of pure blood and leads to strokes and many types of heart diseases.

There are numerous ways to control LDL cholesterol range. And the most recommended among them are diet, exercise and natural supplements. The first and the foremost method is to intake low calorie and low cholesterol food in your diet. If you’re suffering with the problem of heart disease and diabetes then you should focus on lowering your bad cholesterol level.

Abdominal pain, swellings and fat deposits in the skin tendons are the major symptoms which indicate that your LDL cholesterol range is high and should be lowered down immediately. Let’s discuss some of the natural ways to control your bad cholesterol level.

Better and Balanced diet to lower cholesterol

To prevent the growth of any type of disease, it is best to start with food that you intake in your routine. Self approach is utmost. A well planned diet is important. Reduce the quantity of food that you eat which are high in fats and cholesterol.

It includes mainly non vegetarian food such as meats which are beef, pork, lamb and others. Replace the high cholesterol food with some vegetarian food. This will not eliminate the high cholesterol completely, but this will help you to lower it.

Regular and routine Exercise

One of the major causes of high LDL cholesterol range is excess weight. Regular and routine exercise speeds up the metabolism and burns excess fat from your body and helps to lose weight. Yoga, jogging, aerobic exercises, cycling and swimming can lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Herbal treatment

Though there are many types of medications available on the market to treat cholesterol but it is best to go with the natural ways of treatment. Herbs such as Garlic and cordyceps are effective and good for regulating it. Choose to eat fresh fruits, Avoid processed and oily food. Herbal treatment is safe and will not cause any side effects to your body.

Do yourself a favor, start following the natural ways to control your cholesterol, consult your physician on a regular basis to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that you may have. When you follow the above information and take your doctors advice, you will be very effective in reducing your high LDL cholesterol range.

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