7 Best Places to Live After Retirement in the US!

Retirement can mean big changes for people. It gives them the opportunity to move somewhere new and start their retired life in a place that offers exciting adventures. Of course, choosing where to retire is always going to be difficult. Cost of housing, transport, groceries and all general costs of living as well as lifestyle desires need to be considered. We’ve picked the 7 best places to live after retirement in the US and broken it down by house price costs.

#1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a city rich in culture and boasts everything from a wide variety of sports teams to excellent education facilities, including Carnegie Mellon University. The UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside hospital is the 15th best in the nation and it’s a city that is well suited to retirement. House prices come in at just under $143,000, considerably lower than the national average. All over 65s are also entitled to free public transport on all buses and trains, a huge draw.

#2. Lakeland, Florida

Florida was always going to be on a retirement list, the weather coupled with the easy-going lifestyle is a plus for retirees. Lakeland has the beauty of 38 named lakes and property prices for over 60’s come in at just under $147,000. The weather is enjoyable, with hot summers and pleasant winters and Orlando and Tampa are only an hour drive.

#3. Boise, Idaho

Boise offers some excellent colleges and universities and is a great option for older people looking to further their education or take night classes. It’s a very outdoor focused city with lots of activities to keep entertained. The cost of living is 7.5% lower than the national average and housing for retired people costs on average $170,000.

#4. Portland, Maine

Portland is a beautiful coastal city with fresh air and the Atlantic Ocean to name just a few attractive reasons for retirement here. It’s just a two-hour drive from Boston and has some of the best seafood in America. It’s suited to retirees who enjoy fine cuisine, sea views, and a relaxed lifestyle. A house in Portland on average will cost $265,000. It’s not the cheapest location but the relaxed lifestyle and fresh sea air means its an appealing option for people who can afford to spend a little more.

#5. Savannah, Georgia

This historic city has a range of enticing features. While it may be small it is steeped in history and is laden with beautiful town squares and interesting architecture. There are an lots of museums and theaters, so it’s suited to people who enjoy cultural experiences. The cost of living is also 10.2% below the national average, while house prices average at just over $135,000.

#6. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the ideal place to retire for golf lovers. It has some of the best golf courses in Florida, overlooking both rivers and oceans. The beaches themselves are white-sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches and there are some excellent health facilities. As well as these features there is no state income tax and the average house price is just over $200,000.

#7. Birmingham, Alabama

The cost of living in Birmingham is 27 percent lower than the national average, with house prices averaging $114,000. Aside from this, the amount spent on health care for retirees is also dramatically lower and the city has the third lowest transportation costs. This makes it an appealing option for people who want to enjoy their retirement and not stress about money. The city also has a range of state parks, activities, and theaters to keep minds engaged and bodies active.

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