Abdominal Pain Left Side Causes By Location

Left side abdominal pain is usually identified as a burning, an ordinary ache, stabbing or sharp pain. Left sided abdominal pain is a common complaint in doctors’ offices and many times, it signals a serious underlying issue.

Sometimes depending on what a person consumes, anxiety or exercising can lead to left side abdominal pain, nevertheless it can be due to certain organs like the appendix, intestines, gallbladder, kidneys and pancreas. Lower left abdominal pain in women can occur for several reasons.

There may be just frequent signs including menstrual cramps, or even more extreme infections like kidney stones or cysts. It is suggested to try to find out more about the pain sensation so that you can identify what it really is… this could be critical for the future.

Lower left abdominal pain in women is usually a challenge to spot since physical problems in women are very common that could be a consequence of different causes or symptoms.

Left side abdominal pain in women could have a variety of causes. Period pain and mid-cycle pain would be the most usual forms of women related discomfort. However, period and mid-cycle pains are usually simply allayed with common drugs.

Therefore, ladies who can’t identify the origin of these abdominal pain will be in chance of having ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are other conditions that force similar symptoms. Dysentery and ulcerative colitis really are a decent possibility, too.

Any ailment that affects left kidney, sigmoid colon, and areas of digestive tract around the left side may result in lower left sided abdominal pain both in men women.

Left side abdominal pain can also be brought on by cancer. If the left side from the abdomen is impacted by the expansion of cancerous tissue, it can cause mild to very sharp pain in the lower left abdomen.

Other signs which may be related to stomach cancer are: alternation in bowel habits, constipation, appetite loss and weight, plus a general a feeling of illness. In such circumstances it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Endometriosis: One of the major reasons of left side abdominal pain is endometriosis. This can be an ailment where the cells of endometrium (inner membrane with the mammalian uterus) start flourishing outside of the uterine cavity. Since this occurs typically in women the anguish of endometriosis becomes worse during menstruation.

Uterine Fibroids – The abnormal expansion of uterine muscles ultimately causing the organization of hard muscular balls or womb stones will be the reason for left sided abdominal pain in women. This type of ailment is known as Fibroid and ladies who experience menstruation or irregular bleeding usually suffer from this condition in most cases.

Kidney stones can cause mild to severe left side abdominal pain underneath the rib cage. If the stones move down the ureters then they can block the flow of the urine and cause left side abdominal pain. Additional symptoms such as constant feeling vomiting and urine may also be observed with lower abdominal pain as a result of kidney stones.

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