Addressing the Presence of a Canker Sore in Throat

Having a canker sore in the mouth is already bothersome, but a lot more so when there is a canker sore in throat.  A canker sore is not to be mistaken as a cold sore because they are different from each other.  A canker sore, or medically known as an aphthous ulcer, is a small sore that could grow inside the mouth, the lips, the throat, the cheek, or on the tongue. 

Unlike the virus-caused cold sores, canker sores are not contagious.  Canker sores may be common, but until now, the cause is said to be unknown.  For those who have a canker sore in throat, it may be a bit difficult to get rid of it.

One of the main reasons why a canker sore in throat is difficult to get rid of is because it is difficult to reach.  Having a canker sore at the back of the throat is also difficult because when people swallow, the pain could be more pronounced. 

It usually takes around a week for a canker sore to go away, and people who have a canker sore in throat would have to deal with it for that long, as well.  This is why a lot of people are looking for ways that they might help to soothe the pain from the canker sores or find a way to make it go away quickly.

Some people who find it really difficult to deal with a canker sore in throattry to take pain medication so that they will not feel the pain especially when they are eating.  Others are experimenting with various natural remedies, to help alleviate the pain of having a canker sore in throat. 

Sage and chamomile are said to be beneficial for the canker sores, so gargling with these will somehow help to alleviate the pain. Warm salt water gargles also help to keep the throat hydrated, so that the sore will not be aggravated further.

People who have a canker sore in throatare also discouraged from eating abrasive foods such as potato chips because they tend to stick to the cheeks, the throat, the gums, and other places, further irritating the sore.  There are people who ask for pain medications from their doctors, such as gels or ointments, and for others, even oral medications. 

There are various products that could be used that could help to make the sore become numb, which is especially helpful for those having a difficult time eating due to a canker sore in throat.

A canker sore in throatwill basically resolve on its own, but people who have a hard time dealing with it may find various ways on how they could lessen the pain. 

People do not have to worry about canker sores spreading to other people because it is not contagious, unlike cold sores.  People just have to be extra careful with what they eat when they have a canker sore in throat so that they will not aggravate the pain.