Best weight loss diet plan: ways for losing weight

There are several ways for losing weight loss. Some of the ways will make you unsatisfied and hungry. Weight lose  is helpful for reducing the risk of serious health problems like stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain, cancers and osteoarthritis .weight loss helps you to feel fit, healthy, look beautiful and slim losing weight is not an easy task so to make it easy it is necessary to make a diet plan. Certain simplest and easiest ways of weight loss are mentioned below.

Morning rise up

It is best to start your day with 2- 3 glasses of water every day to avoid constipation, to stimulate blood flow, to prevent toxins, to make muscles comfortable, and to reduce body fat

Morning weight loss detoxes drink

Detox drinks are helpful for flushing out excessive sodium stored up water and unwanted toxins from your body. Detox drinks helps in boosting metabolism at fast rate . Some detox drinks are mentioned below

Lemon detox drink

By drinking a glass of water added with teaspoon of honey and half freshly squeezed lemon you can reduce your body weight

Ginger detox drink

Addition of 1 tea spoon of ginger paste and 2 tea spoon of   mint paste to a glass of Luke warm water as drinking it regularly reduces weight loss much faster

Apple cider vinegar detox.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful for detoxifying your body and weight loss much faster. Addition of apple cider vinegar to half tea spoon f cayenne pepper to a glass containing Luke warm water helps in reducing weight.

Cumin detox drink

Cumin act as a powerful fat burning detox drink when added with honey and lemon. Firstly, boil a table spoon of black cumin seeds in water then filter this cumin water in a glass and mix ¼ slice of squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of honey to it. This particular detox drink improves the digestion and helps in dissolving excessive stored fat present in your body.

Cucumber detox drink

This detox drink is more beneficial for those which are suffering from acidity and hyper acidity problems. Firstly, blend the peeled cucumber with mint leaves and ½ inch of ginger then add ½ teaspoon of black salt and have it in the morning.

Morning breakfast (8.00 am to 9.30 am)


Oatmeal is considered to be perfect healthy diet for breakfast as it contains low amount of calories and high amount of fiber. Firstly, take ½ cup of Quaker oats, and then add ½ cup of hot skimmed milk and a little teaspoon of honey. Then mix some chopped strawberries, black grapes, cherries and apple.

Add omelet with green tea

Egg contains healthy proteins and low amount of calorie which helps in making it feel satisfied for long time. Green tea acts as fat burning beverage. Combination of green tea with egg omelet helps in boosting metabolism and fast weight loss. Make this remedy by adding 2 eggs with chopped tomatoes, onions and chilies. Then have it with a cup of green tea.

Mid morning snack time (10.30-11.30 am)

Fruits; fruits contain vitamins, anti oxidants, minerals which helps in improving immunity. You can take 1 medium apple, 1 cup of water melon, ½ cup of green grapes, 1 cup of papaya or 1 small orange.

Hot chocolate; sipping of a little cup of hot chocolate drink for losing weight. Chocolate contains powerful anti oxidants which are helpful for reducing your appetite up to 30% and reversing anxiety

Lunch time (1230 -2.00 pm)

Vegetable soup

Soup contains vitamins, anti oxidants and fiber. Vegetable soup contains low amount of calories. If you are unable to prepare the soup you can try the readymade also.

Roti with vegetable curry

Roti contains low amount of calories. You can take 2 small rotis with 1 cup of boiled vegetable curry which should be cooked in 1 table spoon of oil. For making curry you should use low amount of calorie, vegetables like cabbage or spinach, capsicum, cauliflower, beans etc.

Evening snack (5.00- 6.30 pm)


Nuts are good source of nutrition and energy. Nuts such as pista chios, walnuts and almonds are helpful for reducing weight. Take at least 12 almonds or 7 walnut halves for controlling your evening   hunger.

Orange juice

Orange juice contains vitamin c and is helpful for controlling calories

Dinner time (8.00-9.30 pm)

Chicken noodle soup

1 cup of chicken made noodle soup contains low amount of calories and is helpful for satisfying your stomach at dinner.

Home made whole wheat vegetable wrap

Vegetarian wraps when mixed with whole wheat gives a delicious taste and contains low calories. For stuffing you can use cabbage, beans, carrot, tomatoes etc.

Bed time fat burning drink

Before bed time take a glass of Luke warm water as it helps you to sleep better and reduce weight. It flushes away toxins during sleeping, helps in relaxing muscles, digestion of food and rehydrates your body also.

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