Cataract Laser Surgery – Paving The Way For A Brighter Tomorrow

At present, cataract laser surgery is the most technologically-advanced procedure that is used to deal with cataracts – an ailment manifested by the clumping up of proteins in the eye that eventually clouds the vision. For years, cataracts have bothered millions of people all over the globe especially those who are aged 70 and above.

But right now, the problem regarding it has become even more worrisome as its incidence is growing as the average age of the population becomes higher. But thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, those afflicted by cataracts now have the choice to have them removed through all the various treatments that are currently available. One of these treatments is laser surgery.

Traditional Surgery versus Laser Surgery

The introduction of cataract laser surgery even in the most developed countries in the world was not instantaneous. When the concept of using laser to remove cataracts was first presented, even the finest surgeons still had to train in order to use the technology since a high level of skill was required to operate the laser in human’s eye.

Even more so, those surgeons who felt that they were doing well enough with traditional surgical techniques didn’t feel the need to train for laser surgery, opting to stick with what they knew best. Because of this, laser technology took quite a while to gain a foothold. But eventually, it finally latched on – providing a way for cataract patients to see a clearer future.

Unfortunately despite all the successes of cataract laser surgery, still not all operations are carried out this way. As of the moment, plenty of cataract operations are still done using time-tested surgical techniques. The most common reason for this is that there are still a lot of medical facilities who do not have enough money to purchase laser equipment or to train their surgeons in the use of such.

However, traditional cataract operations still prove to be quite successful because rarely does it happen when a complication presents itself after a procedure. But even though traditional cataract surgery is still prevalent, laser technology is currently taking the battle against cataracts up a notch and is providing patients with a surefire way to get rid of their cataracts once and for all.

Developments in Cataract Laser Surgery

Owing to modern technology, there are plenty of developments in the field of cataract laser surgery. One of these developments is a procedure known as phacoemulsification which is a method that has proved to greatly minimize the risks gained from basic cataract surgery.

This technique considered safe since the patient is only operated under a local anesthetic and only a small incision is made in the eye in order to remove the cataract. And so, due to the low risk involved during and after the operation, it is starting to gain popularity especially to those who are too weak to undergo customary cataract operation.

Another latest development when it comes to treating cataracts is a tool known as a femtosecond laser. It is capable of removing cataracts in a totally non-invasive way, reducing risks and complications even further.

Though its use has only begun only in 2010, it is showing quite a potential to make previous cataract treatments obsolete. As of the moment, it is still expensive owing to its recentness but in time it will be made available to everyone – like everything else that has come before it.

So those with cataracts have no need to worry for modern-day technology is paving the way for a brighter future. In time, new alternatives for cataract treatment will present themselves along with prevention methods that will obliterate cataracts as well. If there is already cataract laser surgery available right now, just imagine what the future will hold.

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