Causes Of Headaches And Types Of Headaches

Headache is one of the commonest diseases in clinic. People all over the world encounter the headache every minute and every second. There are various classifications for headache, to put it easy, including the following aspects: migraine, tension headache, headache caused by common cold, brain tumor headache and brain injury headache. The pathogenesis and symptom of these headaches are different from each other.

The cause for migraine

Migraine is a kind of throbbing headache with recurrent attack, which is caused by the vasomotion dysfunction of intra-cranial and extra-cranial vessels. The morbidity of this disease comes on puberty, with some patients having family history. The pathogenesis of this disease is complicated, and the specific and common causes are as follows:

  • The physical stimulus of external world, including hard light, noise, air pollution, peculiar smell, floral designs and long hours of electromagnetic radiation, etc.
  • Psychiatric factors, including vexation, anger, anxiety, work strain and excessive sadness, etc.
  • Factors of diet and living habit, hunger or eating late, improper intake of food varieties, such as chocolate, alcoholic beverage and cold drinks and irregular sleep, etc.
  • Environment-climate factors, such as abrupt change of altitude, the drastic change of weather, light exposure, air blast and cold etc.
  • In addition, the menstrual cycle of women has directly caused the migraine. Some drugs, such as contraceptive drugs, hormone drugs and Vasodilatation drugs, etc., are also the inducement of migraine.

The cause for tension headaches

The tension headache is the most frequent chronic headache. The site of pathological changes is scattered, with dull pain as its nature, which a sense of tension and tightening appears on head, as wearing a heavy cap.

The muscular tension is most seen in the forehead and neck, together with nausea and vomit. Massage on head and neck can relieve the headache. It is frequently occurred in the young staff of “white collar” and college and middle school students.

The common pathogenesis of this disease includes:

  • Excessive anxiety or melancholy, accompanied with mental tension;
  • Headache caused by other reasons or a secondary symptom of the pain in other parts of body;
  • Headache caused by improper posture of head, neck and shoulder, and ischaemia resulting from the continuous contraction of muscle.

Headache caused by common cold

  • As the nervous headache, cold headache is caused by the pulling and stimulation of vessel nerve ending of algesthesia, a process driven by vasodilatation of peripheral materials of body induced by virus.
  • Besides, some pathogenic factors can in themselves directly cause the cold headache, such as infection of the upper respiratory tract and rhinogenic headache caused by paranasal sinus.

Causes for brain tumor headaches

Brain tumor headache belongs to the headache induced by the intracranial tumor lesions. The brain tumor can increase the internal pressure of skull, which leads to headache and nausea, with the surrounding of tumor appearing reactive brain edema. Due to the lesions of intracranial tumor, the circulation path of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is blocked, and the venous drainage is also blocked, both leading to headache.

Causes for brain injury headache

The brain injury headache is generally caused by the sequela of brain injury resulting from the direct violence or indirect violence. The causes for traumatic headache are complicated and often related to the skull fracture, intracranial hematoma and contusion and laceration of brain, caused by violence.

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