Constant Tiredness

Constant tiredness is a threat to your well being and to your productivity. When the feeling sets in, you lie down in bed and rest for the whole day. Well, it is good if your one-day off from school or work can reduce your fatigue. But what if you do not get better even after using the different relaxation techniques available? Constant tiredness does not just go away in an instant. It is a product of a long term exhaustion caused by different factors.

Causes Of Constant Tiredness

There are several factors that contribute to fatigue. Mostly, they come from the things that you do.


Your diet is a major reason why you are feeling too exhausted each day. Foods high in sugar and fats can contribute to your lethargy and restlessness. The association of food with the way you expend energy has long been proven. People who keep on eating the so called junk foods are more likely to experience tiredness whereas those who go for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables have increased resistance against fatigue.

Eating Habits

Aside from your choice of food, the manner by which you consume them can also affect your daily activities. Overeating causes fatigue after eating and leads to constant fatigue. Instead of eating three full meals per day, experts recommend that you eat 6 small meals. The technique helps distribute your caloric needs and ensure a steady supply of energy in the body.


You might think that over exercise is the reason why you are feeling the constant tiredness. But for sure, in your case, you do the opposite. Lack of physical activities can also contribute to fatigue. Exercise is an important component of healthy living. It allows your muscles to stretch and strengthen. Make it a habit to engage in regular physical activities. Simple exercises like jogging, running, walking, bicycling and swimming can do well in preventing exhaustion.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a basic need of man. But not every people experience a quality sleep at night. Some individuals suffer from different sleep disorders like insomnia. This is when you find yourself fully awake at night while everyone else is fast asleep. Your insomnia is the reason why you are feeling tired each morning. If you want to have renewed energy, you must first deal with your insomnia. You can talk to your doctor about this. Either you take medication to manage the condition or undergo therapy to experience a long term relief.


Hypothyroidism is another reason why you have constant tiredness. Hypothyroidism refers to the under secretion of thyroid hormone. These hormones are responsible in the regulation of metabolic processes in the body. When your thyroid gland is not secreting sufficient hormone, you experience exhaustion and lack of energy. Usually, doctors recommend replacement therapy to bring the level of hormones back to normal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome refers to the constant tiredness one feels. The syndrome affects all major organs of the body. Although this is not well understood in the field of medicine, many experts still believe about the existence of the condition. The illness is responsible for your increased susceptibility to different diseases, constant tiredness and unexplained headache, body pain and fatigue.

Adrenal burnout

Adrenal burn out is also called as adrenal insufficiency. This is a condition where the body losses its ability to produce energy. As a result, you will suffer the extreme cases of constant tiredness. The illness is a complicated problem that is very difficult to diagnose. In fact, not all health practitioners consider this as a health problem. But if you show signs of fatigue that does not go away, you may consider burnout as one of the causes. It takes several months to years to heal adrenal insufficiency. But with the correct management, you can fight the symptoms of the illness.


Diabetic patients often complain of constant tiredness. This is because of the sudden changes in their blood sugar brought about by the defective secretion of insulin. When a person has high blood sugar and injects insulin, the action of the hormone causes the fatigue.

Now that you know the possible causes of fatigue, you need to know the steps on how you can combat the problem. Here are the proven steps to keep the burst of energy.

Get sufficient and quality sleep each night. If you have insomnia, talk to your doctor about this. You can also engage in mind relaxing exercises like yoga and pilates. They have been proven to help stimulate sleep at night.

 Take regular physical activities to reduce your stress. Exercise has several benefits. Aside from keeping you physically fit, it helps in reducing the attack of exhaustion. Exercise does not mean going to the gym and working out for several hours. Simple activities are sufficient to keep constant tiredness out of sight.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. These food products are high in fiber. They stimulate the healthy movements of the digestive system. As much as possible, get a serving of fruit and vegetable in every meal. As for your snack, a piece of fruit can keep go a long way in keeping your energy high.

Eat your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even when you are in a hurry, you must never skip this meal. Grab something to eat in the morning. It can be a sandwich or a serving of cereal. The energy you get from your morning meal gives you the fuel to charge your body.

Visit your doctor regularly. Some people only pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic only when they feel something wrong. But this should not be the case. Consulting your doctor should be done on a regular visit. Call your doctor today and set an appointment.

Millions of people experience constant tiredness. Do not let yourself be counted in the growing number of sufferers. Know the causes of fatigue and the ways to combat it and take control of your health.

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