Diet Plan : Good Diet Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Hi guys, now we will talk about how to get lose weight fast using good diet foods method. This is look simple method and hope you can do this method and get success with your weight lose. Below the good diet foods to lose weight fast :

Eat only 8 hours a day

Instead of the body in constant supply of new food, you limit your daily eating time 8 hours. Digestive tract right, meanwhile, a natural break. The brain will look elsewhere for energy available – and is also: more outside the body, in the form of belly fat.

Due to intermittent fasting to accelerate fat burning, increase the total amount of daily calories consumed. Another result of the research group at the Salk Institute, the longer you stretch the time of daily food, the slower your metabolism works well.

Who only eight hours a day, however, receives food increases your basal metabolic rate, which makes the pounds fall off very quickly. Most men usually within a few days of the change.

You can eat basically whatever you want

The withdrawal will succeed, but even faster if based on 8 power foods that should be every day in your diet: fish, nuts, dairy products, vegetables, berries, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

August 4th melt fat meal, the other 4 improve health. Choose between two groups per meal for 1 product, such as: first a cereal with fruit, berries, nuts, salmon afternoon with chard and potatoes, as last comprehensive noodles with lentils and sausage ropes.

No sport is not

But you do not sweat for hours to lose weight. With a diet of short training eight hours ridiculous meet eight minutes a day to activate fat burning spark needed. This unit set mini sports better right after getting one, before the first meal. This way you ensure namely that the remains of carbohydrate energy reserves liver and muscles are consumed immediately. This means that the body falls back quickly to its fat reserves.

When times am not come to represent eight minutes of exercise, you can make the unit later. But it’s not too late exercise increases body temperature, this effect can last up to 4 hours. This leads many to fall asleep worse at night. So you should not sinecures at the latest 18 hours if you want to sleep for 22 relaxed clock.

Of course, it is allowed to increase. If you feel the need to extend the theme of sport in 16 or 32 minutes. But most important is that sport is a matter of routine. Best to complete 7 days a week 8 minutes 2 times a week for 32 minutes. Only after the training has become an integral part of the morning routine, setting up a gear in time.

Start today with the program of eight hours and take the first month up to 5 kilos. Who then calculate the diet more power that can approximately 3 kg of monthly weight loss. Each bet: It’s easy to be overweight never got rid of!

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