Dry Mouth At Night Causes & Cures

Dry mouth in general has many different causes.  If you tend to notice that you have dry mouth when you wake up, then sleeping with your mouth open all night might be the cause of it. This is just one possible cause though. 

Other causes for dry mouth (AKA xerostomia) include; side effects of medications, pregnancy, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and cystic fibrosis.  Also smoking, dehydration and even chemotherapy can cause dry mouth. There are many different solutions to this problem that may help you if you are one of the many that suffer.

If you think it may in fact be a side effect of a medication you are currently taking seeing your doctor is a good idea.  Lowering the dose or switching you to a different medication should get rid of the problem. If you aren’t taking any medications and have a clean bill of health I would suggest investing in a humidifier.

A cool mist, evaporate humidifier is easy to keep clean and doesn’t get the bacteria growth that the warm mist humidifiers do. Other things you can do include chewing sugarless gum or even sugarless hard candy.

Staying away from any mouthwash that has alcohol in it as it can dry out your mouth even more is also a good idea. Ask your dentist or doctor if they can recommend any specific rinses or toothpastes to help with the xerostomia.

Remembering to stay hydrated is very important. Not just because it will help you with dry mouth but also because there are a myriad of health benefits to staying hydrated. It helps everything from your skin to brain function. So, why not sip at it all throughout the day? 

Staying away from nicotine and not abusing alcohol is also important when treating dry mouth. You don’t want to be doing things that will make your symptoms even worse. The importance of saliva seems to be endless. It helps us talk, chew, digest food, break down bacteria and more.

Without enough of it bacteria can grow and problems like tooth decay, gingivitis and even thrush can occur. Even digestive problems can occur from not having enough saliva to help break down the food that you eat. If you have been having persistent dry mouth for a while and none of the suggested treatments have been helping, see your doctor.

There could be a very simple solution like switching your medication like we talked about earlier. One last thing I should mention is that before you go to bed with your humidifier on make sure your nasal passages are clear. Breathing through your mouth all night may be the cause of your dry mouth. My favorite product to use especially during allergy season is the Netty Pot.

It is inexpensive and can be found at your local drug store. It will rinse out your nasal passages and hopefully allow you to get a better nights rest. If you are prone to sinus infections like me this will be good for you to use on a regular basis. Any further questions don’t be scared to ask your pharmacist or doctor.

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