Food Poisoning From Chicken – Main Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Food poisoning from chicken is considered by many as arguably the most common food that can cause food poisoning. This is probably due to the fact that chicken is a staple ingredient in all parts of the world.

It also helps – or damage – that chicken is a very versatile ingredient that you can use to create different types of cuisine, and is also more affordable compared to other meat products.

Food poisoning from chicken may also be common because of the fact that chickens may be contaminated in various ways very slightly, by improper storage, preparation and cooking. There are many ways in food poisoning can come from chicken.

So let’s have a look at food poisoning from chicken in more detail.

The main causes of food poisoning from chicken

There are many reasons why the chicken ends up being contaminated. Firstly, there is chance that you may have accidentally eaten raw chicken or other reason. Be aware that if your food has come in contact with raw chicken or a person who has touched the raw chicken, then your own food can be contaminated and thus a source of food poisoning as well.

Sometimes, the causes of food poisoning from chicken be down to improper cooking or cooking. If you do not cook chicken for the required time or you do not give your chicken to defrost completely before using, then your chicken can also be contaminated.

In most cases, the contamination is generally anchored to the three types of bacterial infection.

Campylobacter – This bacterial infection occurs when you accidentally consumed raw milk or inadequate chicken. Expect symptoms to appear in two to five days after ingestion of food contaminated with Campylobacter. These symptoms of food poisoning from chicken, but will only last up to a week and generally not more than two. For more of this type of food poisoning, see> Campylobacter food poisoning

Salmonella – This bacterial infection is fairly well known because of lots of publicity over the years, and is also commonly found in chicken and other birds.

Shigella – It’s a bit of a “minor” troublesome bacterial infection, its symptoms, which may occur in one to two days, is likely to go away for a week at most. Besides the consumption of contaminated chicken, eating raw vegetables, milk, and contaminated potato salad can also result in this type of food poisoning. Unlike many other types of food poisoning from chicken, Shigella is something you can quickly get rid of with antibiotics.

Symptoms of food poisoning from chicken

Here are the most common symptoms of chicken-caused food poisoning.

  • Fever (sometimes)
  • Pain in the abdomen (stomach cramps)
  • Frequent need to throw up (vomit)
  • Watery diarrhea

If you have an existing health condition or if you suffer from any kind of immune system deficiency, there is a possibility that you will experience more severe symptoms of food poisoning from chicken.

Treatment for food poisoning from chicken

As mentioned earlier, antibiotics or just enough bed rest is usually enough to treat this disease effectively. If you suffer from excessive diarrhea and vomiting, you can be sure you rehydrate yourself all the time, and the best way to do that is with electrolyte / hydration drinks available at the local grocery store. They are doing a better job in this case than water.

Food poisoning from chicken is quite common, but if you are secure, store and cook the chicken properly, you should be fine.
If you are worried about any symptoms you may have food poisoning and chicken, you should contact your doctor for further advice.

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