Healthy Skin Tips For Your Beauty

Basic skin care tips can help in attaining beautiful and even complexions. Here are the following:

1. Most women wear makeup and it is much important to remove it before going to bed. Give the skin also a chance to breathe for one day by not applying makeup onto it.

2. Apply moisturized sunscreen when going outdoors especially during winter and summer no matter what skin type is. It is important to not be exposed under the sun for more than 15 minutes.

3. Upon shaving, apply moisturizing lotion on the legs before applying shaving cream to have a smooth finish.

4. Don’t pop pimples as it can lead to scarring and infection.

5. Wash the face twice a day with warm water and a mild soap. Do not scrub the face but gently massage it with circular motions.

6. Do not wear tight clothes if there is presence of acne on the body. Also, keep the hair clean and out of the face.

7. Take a short warm showers and baths as it may dry the skin.

8. Wear gloves when washing dishes or car because detergent and other harsh soaps can irritate the skin.

9. Wear cotton fabrics so that skin can breathe well.

10. Keep the stress level lower because it can lead to eczema flares. Activities like yoga or walking can be good stress relievers.

11. To keep scaly skin under control, use a luffa or loofah daily to gently scrub away dead skin cells.

12. Using unscented baby powder to areas where skin meets skin like underarms and inner thighs can keep them clean and dry.

13. Do not smoke, sunbathe or submit to tanning salons. These are skin destroyers and it can increase the progress of skin ageing.

14. Use natural cold cream to clean the face and neck.

15. Keep those hands off the face because it touches many surfaces and a magnet of dirt and germs.

16. Limit drinking alcohol or wine up to one glass only. Overconsumption may dilate the blood vessels.

17. If the eyes are itchy, never rub it instead apply cold compress only because the skin on the face is very sensitive.

18. Go for a workout because sweating can eliminate toxic chemicals under the skin. Also, regular exercise can help maintaining blood circulation all over the body.

19. Change moisturizers every season.

20. Soak the hands in a bath of baby oil with sesame oil to treat dry and chapped hands.

21. Practice deep breathing to have balanced shifting of oxygen inside the body.

Looking at the diet is important in acquiring a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin. There are foods that can help fight ageing, wrinkling, acne and other skin problems. But there are also foods that contribute in damaging the skin itself.  While consuming healthy foods and plenty of water, skin is not only the beneficiary but also the heart and other major organs of the body; therefore, to have a healthy diet is most recommended to follow because chronic skin problems can be directly traced to unhealthy diet.

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