Herpetic Whitlow – What Is It? Causes And How To Treat

It is such annoying and very much maddening when you get to have herpetic whitlow, you cannot just do what you really want to do especially if your fingers are the affected area of such misfortune.  It is some kind of viral infection wherein you get to have blisters on your fingers usually on the areas surrounding your finger nails. 

Once you are infected by herpes simplex virus you get to have these small to big lesions on your fingers which sometimes looks like a small sac filled with water and becomes a lesion when it bursts.  The surrounding areas where the blisters are affected would look like a reddish tomato. 

This ailment causes irritation both to infant and adults since the blisters are very painful and seems to be gnawing on your fingers down to your bones with a feeling of hotness within it.  Once this is not immediately given medication it will continue to irritate and may lead to giving you fever.

Causes of Herpetic Whitlow

You may wonder how you get to have herpetic whitlow, the answer could usually be answered by you alone.  In infants, this ailment can be caused by the sucking or chewing of the child of his thumbs or fingers.  The virus called herpes simplex is transferred from the mouth to the fingers of the child. 

In adults, it can be caused by genital secretions, wherein the fingers are usually the ones being infected through excess urine during urination or unconscious scratching of the genital parts and forget to wash the hands after doing it. 

This ailment could also be taken from other persons who have herpes simplex virus since this ailment is very contagious it will be transferred to you once you have skin to skin contact with such person and especially if your immune system is too low you can never resist such virus from contaminating you. 

Once you already experience this ailment it will continue to recur in your system once it is triggered with similar viruses and it will be on the same spot where it has been before.

How to treat?

As you will be experiencing the irritating herpetic whitlow, the best you can do is to go for a check up with your medical doctor, although, this ailment will heal on its own after more than a month without any treatment on it.  But with its continuous gnawing pain and hotness, you will be for sure hassled by such condition and would think of immediate relief for it. 

As most of the doctors will prescribe for the relief of this sickness, you will be for sure given pain relievers to stop the pain. An anti-inflammatory will also be helpful for the pain to stop as well as it stops the continuous spreading of the blisters. 

Topical cream and ointment may also be likely to be applied on the infected area for a better relief and fast healing of the lesions.  You must also be in apt with your hygiene for the prevention of such ailment as well as avoid eating foods that can trigger the virus and may cause herpetic whitlow  recur once more.

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