Home Remedies For Bruises And Wounds – Vitamin C And More

Bruises usually come along as purplish, red or black-blue spots happen to your skin that are triggered by injury in most of the cases. Once your body organ gets hurt hard, the small blood vessels under the skin in that area also become damaged too.

It is, usually a sudden blood leak from the blood vessels to the surrounding tissues usually that lead to the black-blue marks. Bruises have medically termed as contusion. There are only few minutes for your skin to turn dark with bruise after being hit or get injured. However, it can be a whole different story for spot as it takes like forever to fade away. Pain and inflammation on the affected area are inevitable, though.

Fortunately, if you follow the below listed remedies you might know how to deal with bruises quickly, even overnight. These are some that scientists have sworn by.

1. Take Rest – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

It is sort of important that you take the rest if you want to avoid the stress. When the stress is more, chances are people get more secretions of the chemicals from the body. These chemicals are known to enable the darkness of the scar and the more pain in the breeze. And the problem is solved when the rest is taken in the right time and people feel easier to handle with the bruises more than ever.

2. Herbal Tea Compress – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

It is also suggested that you go for herbal tea compress to soothe your bruise.

How to apply:

  • Put a handful of chamomile and dried lavender flowers in hot water.
  • Steep the solution for about 15 minutes.
  • Strain the extract and allow it to cool down right after that.
  • Have a clean cloth dipped in the mixture and keep it on your bruise to get quick relief from it.

3. Onion – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

Onion is known to be rich in inflammatory properties, which can be effective on the damaged skin cells. If your bruises are resulted from blood vessels injury, it is a wise choice that you get extract onion juice and rub it on your bruise with the help of a cotton ball. Leave the skin sometime to absorb juice before rinsing off completely.

4. Vitamin C – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

Vitamin C is essential in protecting your capillary walls and collagen formation. The Vitamin C deficiency is the reason make your bruises last longer. Therefore, it is needed that you take enough vitamin C in your body by eating more of Citrus fruit such as lemon, orange, grape fruits or simple take vitamin C supplement on regular basis.

5. Arnica – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

When it comes to home remedies for bruises, it would be a huge miss if we do not mention Arnica. It is the fact that a pack of arnica gel usually present in the survival kit of every athlete. Thanks to this, along with treating the bruises, it has also been used as a pain reliever for aches, or sprain if any. The ingredient is found to be rich in Anti-inflammatory and swelling reduction properties, which is popular among the fashion crowd.

6. Butter – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

Butter is extremely beneficial for the bruise treatment when it comes to external benefit. You will need to directly generous amount of butter on your skin if you want to achieve the best result.

7. Potato – Home Remedies for Bruises and Wounds

It is the soothing quality of potato that gives helping hand in the efforts to get rid of bruises. Along with that, it is the nutrient from potato that absorbs to the skin easily and fixes the problems in the blood clot.

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