Home Remedies For Bruises On Buttocks – Parsley And More

Bruises strike people as the skin infections, usually resulted from some injury or burn on the skin. In some cases when these bruises did not get cured on time, chances are they can turn into a lifetime scar.

Fortunately, there are so many home remedies that help you to combat off bruises fast and naturally. It is highly recommended that the bruises should be cured at an early stage or they can lead to non removable scars, which in turn can greatly affect the beauty of the people.

The following is given natural home remedies that can help you to solve the problem in the shortest time.

1. Parsley – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

Fresh parsley from your kitchen has long been made used of in healing bruises fast. As long as you tie your bruise with an elastic bandage to hold crushed fresh parsley paste over affected area, the problem is literally solved. The trick is to control blood clot, inflammation and pain triggered by bruising.

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2. St. John’s Wort – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

St. John’s wort is known to be rich in natural inflammatory properties that can quickly heal the wound. This is known as the trick to relieve pain as well.

All you need to do is to Apply St. John’s wort oil on over the bruise. Alternatively, you can boil dried St. John’s wort in water. Consume the mixture on regular basis until you find satisfied result.

3. Bilberry – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

Bilberry is known to be rich in strong antioxidants or anthocyanosides. These are key element reinforce the blood vessels and balance the collagen in the mean time. Thanks to this it can reduce the bruises. Alternatively, bilberry extract or the pills works just the same.

4. Massaging – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

The therapy works wonders in breaking the blood clots due to this reason massaging will improve the blood circulation around the bruised area.

On the other hand, massaging the center of bruises might trigger extreme pain. Therefore, you are recommended to take up a massage with caution to improve the lymphatic process.

5. Egg – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

By applying egg, you do not need to spend time on preparation or cooking. The egg itself is regarded as one of the simplest, but most effective natural home remedies you can always make use of at home. This way is in order to make the dark color fade away soon and prevent the swelling from spreading. A boiled egg is all you need to make this therapy completed.

The next step is to remove its skin and roll the warm egg over the skin areas affected by bruises at least 10 minutes. Repeat this on daily basis until you find satisfied result.

6. Comfrey – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

The ingredient has long been known as a traditional remedy that should be applied for ages to help cure the injuries on the skin and bruises.

How to use:

· Dissolve one spoon of dried comfrey into boiling water.
· Strain and steep the mixture over the heat for at least haft an hour.
· Wait for a while as the solution cools down.

7. Butter – Home Remedies for Bruises on Buttocks

Butter has long been considered as a beneficial bruise treatment that many people use. In the mean time, people usually make use of butter to cure burns as it is such a readily staple at home.

You are about to directly rub the heated butter over the affected areas. of course you need to wash off with water after that.

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