Lactose Intolerance Diet – Maintaining Calcium Levels And More

Can you survive lactose intolerance diet?

There are a lot of vegans who genuinely cannot survive lactose intolerance diet. Lactose intolerance means that the enzyme lactase is not at all secreted or is secreted in a very less amount in the body of the subject. Being lactose intolerant a person is unable to digest any milk product because it contains lactose which is indigestible by their body.

Lactose intolerance renders a big issue of maintaining calcium in the body. As we commonly know that milk and milk products are the basic source of calcium to our body, we stand clueless as to what to do to maintain the level. There are methods to circumvent this problem. And those methods are not really very artificial in nature to render side effects in the long run.

Lactose containing and lactose free diets

Lactose intolerance diet includes anything made up of milk. Going directly with the products will contain condensed milk, cream, ice creams, cheese and yogurts. Similarly there are some direct milk products which yet contains comparatively less amount of lactose. These would include butter, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese etc…

The lactose intolerance diet when taken in by the sufferer, they exhibit symptoms like nausea, bad stomach, vomits, bloating, cramps and such likes. Lactose intolerance diet for each person who is lactose intolerant do not stand up to the same level. It depends on the capacity of the man how much they can tolerate or to be more precise, how much they can digest.

Lactose Intolerance Diet - Maintaining Calcium Levels And More

There are different levels of lactose intolerance in the person, which depends on the secretion of lactase in their bodies. Therefore, the other dietary supplements to make up for the deficiency of calcium in their bodies may come from a milk product containing less of lactose. Butter can be one such product.

Lactose intolerance can be exhibited genetically. There is a disease called congenital lactase deficiency. This disease would generate the deficiency of lactase by birth, and so in the olden days it used to lead direct death for the child. This is because even the breast milk contains lactose, though the case is not the same now.

Maintaining Calcium levels

Getting used to a lactose intolerance diet, a person is sure to be calcium deficient, if he does not takes his diets seriously. However there are very many naturally occurring vegetables and fruits which contain adequate amount of calcium without a trace of lactose.

These vegetables would include broccoli, fishes (shrimp), oysters and leafy vegetables. Orange juice is a very good source of calcium. There are even packaged orange juices available in the market which contain extra bit of calcium. It is very important to intake diet which would keep you away from malnutrition.

Keep a check on all the minerals and vitamins that are needed by the body. If you are aware of your body’s lactose intolerance nature, you must be diligent to intake a proper amount of calcium rich food.

Lactose intolerance diet can be very easily avoided with proper care. And it is also possible to keep up healthy dietary system for you even in cases of such deficiencies.

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