Low Cholesterol Diet Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Following a low cholesterol diet is rather easy these days because of the many food varieties you can choose from. You must care for the health of your heart by taking in enough low cholesterol food. This is a diet, which must include fruits and leafy vegetables. You can also pick a variety of wheat and grains to add into your breakfast menu. Then, you must include white meat on your lunch and dinner meals.

Bear in mind that having a diet with low cholesterol level could be the key to having a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Not only will you feel healthier, you will also do a favor to your heart. Surely, with this kind of diet, you will minimize intake of bad cholesterol by almost twenty percent (20%).

Low Cholesterol Diet: How Is It Done?

Now, you may wonder how you will go about a low cholesterol diet. Start reviewing your grocery list and ensure that the following items are present:

  • Breads and Whole-wheat grains—Refrain from stocking white bread. Choose the high-fiber whole grain variety. This will not only make you feel full but it will also help out in flushing the toxins in your body. Other than bread, you can also have oatmeal or cereals which would be best for your breakfast. This is definitely a healthier alternative of rice. Remember that choosing complex carbohydrates can lower down your body’s cholesterol level. This will also reduce your risks of getting diabetes or heart diseases.

  • Dairy and Milk—For your cereals, it is advisable to pair it with skim milk. Skimmed milk may not be very sweet but it is a healthier option than full cream milk. This will serve two purposes. One, you trim down and you stay away from any heart failure.

  • White Meat—Chicken and fish are better options than red meat such as pork and beef. Most nutritionists suggest that instead of using ground beef for burgers, you can opt to use ground turkey.

  • Fruits– Any fruit can give you that extra zest for the day. You will feel light and you will equally be energized. For your low cholesterol diet to be successful, you can start having pineapples in your chiller because these fruits contain phytochemicals which can be your heart’s partner.

  • Vegetables—Those greens can help you fight diseases in a grand way. This will be your staple food in maintaining your low cholesterol diet. A delicious treat of green salad can help you fight diseases later on.

  • Vegetable or Fish Oils – For your low cholesterol diet to be complete, you must ditch saturated fats in your grocery list. You must choose vegetable or fish oils.  If you want to fry your meals, you can use olive oil or corn oil because these are unsaturated fats.

These are only some of the food choices that you can start having in your daily meals. Make sure that you have a well-rounded menu with foods containing the main nutrients your body needs. The bottom line is that you must have a versatile low cholesterol diet so that you won’t easily get burn out with your daily food intake.

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