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As electricity prices rise year on year, it can become harder and harder to keep on top of your energy bills. Most people are interested in finding ways to slash their bills, whether it is by using fewer utilities on a month-by-month, or by choosing different providers. Alternatively, you may be interested in using a type of energy which is renewable.

Rather than working on cutting your costs through a system of trial and error, you can find out choose to make use of a system which thousands of people across America have already benefitted from. This simple system is known as the Magnifier Engine System, and you can start working on it today.

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What is the Magnifier Engine System?

Magnifier Engine System is actually centred around a small device which will be installed in your home. The Magnifier Engine System guide will give you all of the information that you need to enable you to build this device for yourself. Even if you do not have professional skills, this device is incredibly easy to build, so almost anyone is able to follow the advice which is given. The downloadable guide also gives you other innovate energy saving tips and tricks based on real science.

The “magnifier engine” that you will be taught how to create by using this guide promises to be able to produce enough energy that it can power a large (4-bedroom) home. What is more, this device can be created using really cheap supplies which can be picked up in your home (they might be lying around in your shed or garage), or can be bought from the local hardware store.

Although this device relies on solid scientific theory to make it work, you won’t need a science or engineering degree to be able to build or use this device.

Who created the System?

Magnifier Engine CreatorThe man who came up with the Magnifier Engine System is 62 year old Darren Holman. Darren is just a normal guy who lives with his wife and dog, about 45 minutes out of Cleveland, Ohio. Just before Darren was due to retire, he fell victim to a scam which resulted in him losing his life savings.

The company that he has invested his (and his wife’s) life savings into was shut down by the FBI for committing various fraudulent acts. There was no way for him to get his money back, and the only comfort for him was that the man who lost his money was hauled off to jail. Rather enjoying a comfortable retirement, Darren was forced to spend every day scrimping and saving just so he could get by. He was desperate to find an alternative to electricity, and considered the most common renewable sources first.

However, he realised that wind was too unreliable to power his large home, and he would never be able to afford solar panels, which cost as much as $10,000. Resigning himself to his fate, he was almost flawed by his high electricity costs, until he came up with an innovative solution to help to cut his bills by as much as 80%. These savings helped to set him up in a far more comfortable position, and once he had his feet back on the ground, he decided it was time to share his secret with everyone else who wanted to cut down on their electricity usage and beat down their bills.

He says that he came up with the device one day after witnessing a crowd of people marvelling at a simple single-piston toy of a mini Ferris wheel. He asked a nearby staff member how the toy worked, and he was amazed to be told that the toy simply ran off of the heat from a person’s hand! Fascinated by the idea the just the heat from a human hand could create motion, and wondering if it could work for him on a larger scale, he went away, did a little bit of research, and then came up with his own Magnifier Engine device, which is the very same as the one that you will be instructed on how to build as part of this amazing system.

Does this Magnifier Engine original or hoax?

Seeing the little Ferris wheel toy at the store prompted Darren to rush home and put all of his efforts into researching self-sustaining energy generation sources.

If something as minor as heat from a human hand could manage to power a toy, if a bigger and better heat source could be found, what else could be powered? He found that there were already loads of decorative mobiles and turbines which were powered by the heat from candles, but this still wouldn’t be big enough to produce enough power to keep an entire home going, so he was forced to think bigger and better.

In order to create the best possible power generation device, Darren chatted with survival experts who live off of the grid, engineers who specialise in power generation, and modern home designers who have been forced to think about clean power generation to keep up with changing legislation. However, none of these people were able to suggest the solution that he was looking for. Eventually, whilst sitting at a coffee shop his local mall, he spotted another patron using a magnifying glass to read the newspaper.

This triggered something in his brain as he remembered backyard science experiments where he had concentrated the heat of the sun to create a superhot dot which could burn through leaves. Taking this as inspiration, he got hold of a special type of magnifier known as a parabolic lens, and used it to create his very first prototype of the Magnifier Engine System.

After letting his friend Bob in on his new secret, Darren knocked up some blueprints to enable Bob to make his very own device. Although he felt nervous about doing this (because Bob had been working as an electrical engineer for over 35 years before retirement), the energy savings that Darren had made were able to speak for themselves.

Thankfully, the device was a huge success for Bob as well, and Bob was even able to use his engineering experience to allow him to make some small tweaks to the system that meant that his savings were even higher than Darren’s! As a huge thank you to Darren, Bob helped to draw up an incredibly detailed instruction manual which almost anyone would be able to follow if they wanted to create their own version of the engine.

They shared these details with a few friends, who in turn mentioned the device to a few of their friends, and in next to no time at all, the phone was ringing off of the hook with people wanting to be let in on the big secret. The secret is such simple physics that it is a huge surprise that nobody every came up with a device this easy to build before. Darren’s device even includes a back-up plan which allows power generation to continue even when it is night time or when the sun goes in. This allows you to use a little energy from natural gas (or your electricity provider) and turn that energy into 20 times more power.

With efficiency like that, you are almost certain to have a representative from your utility company banging on your door, demanding to find out whether your electricity meter is broken!

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What do you get when you order the Magnifier Engine System guide?

When you purchase this magnifier engine system guide, you will immediately be able to download it onto your computer, smartphone or tablet, so that you will be able to read through it at your own pace. The guide contains everything that you need to know to be able to build your own energy saving device, even if you don’t have professional skills. Amongst other things, the guide includes:

  • A full list of all of the materials that you will need to buy in order to create the Magnifier Engine device. These are household products or things that are very easy to find in the shops.
  • Detailed, illustrated instructions which will help you to understand exactly what you need to do in order to build this machine. There is also access to 3 HD videos which have been produced with the purpose of guiding you through every step, so that you can see how it actually happens in real life.
  • Instructions on how to safely connect the Engine up to your home, so that you can start using it to slash your energy bills by up to 80-90%!
  • Information about how to use the system once you have finished building it.
  • Advice on how to make the most of different power sources, such as using a $5 timer to automatically switch between sources when it is most advantageous to you.
  • Access to a 24/7 email support system, so that you can gain access to support and advice relating to the engine system, whenever you might need it.

Who can use the Magnifier Engine System?

Magnifier Engine ReviewMagnifier Engine System is designed to be so easy to build and use that anyone can do it. It was initially created to help people who struggle to pay their energy bills, so that they can benefit from being able to slash their monthly bill payments.

The step-by-step instructions are designed to be so easy to follow that almost anyone could complete them without any trouble. You do not need to have any professional skills with electricity or construction to be able to take advantage of this device.

However, you do need the determination to be able to complete the project. If you are the type of person who likes to give up on things half way through, then you are unlikely to benefit from this system. The system will only work if you follow all of the steps, then install and use the device as instructed. If you want to “go off piste” and do your own thing, then this guide will not be able to help you.

This guide is not recommended for lazy folks; if you want to cut your energy bills for the year then you have to be prepared to take charge of your own destiny. In order to keep costs low, the guide is only published in digital formals. This helps to save on printing and shipping costs, and means that it is far more affordable for the majority of people in the target market.

However, this does mean that if you do not use digital mediums, then you will not be able to access the guide properly. Even if you are not struggling with your electricity bills, you may want to benefit from this wonderful system. Have you ever wondered why energy prices are so high, and why the big players in the energy businesses seem to be so rich? These companies know that most people in the modern world can’t live without electricity, and as far as they are concerned, they have a monopoly on it.

They work in cahoots with one another to charge much higher prices than they should, so that they can make maximum profit! The Magnifier Engine System would be the perfect way of sticking it to the Fat Cats by showing them that you don’t really need them anymore!

What are the main pros of ordering the Magnifier Engine System?

It is impossible to stress how easy it is to build the device which will help you to save up to 80%on your energy bills. Many people who review the Magnifier Engine guide say that they were not expecting it to be as easy as it was, even after all of the literature tell them that fact.

You don’t need to have a degree in engineering, or even any specialist skills at all, other than the ability to hold told and follow instructions. If you are not confident at following written instructions, the guide contains loads of pictorial instructions and access to HD instruction videos.

This means that you should be able to understand what is going on, whatever style of learner that you are. A lot of users claim that they were even able to complete the project in a couple of hours, so that they were able to start benefitting almost immediately.

The system is also relatively inexpensive to build, so you don’t need to worry about your construction costs outstripping your savings. It is impossible to come up with a 100% accurate figure for how much it will cost you to build this machine, because the cost of the components will differ from region to region. You may also be able to save money by using household components that you already.

By doing this, some people even claim to have been able to build the device for absolutely nothing! That is right…they say that they haven’t spent a single penny on creating this machine that could help them cut their electricity bills. Those who have used this device already say that the minimum that their energy bills have been reduced by is 40%.

Other people have reported that their bills have decreased by 70, 80 or even 90% after they started using the device which was recommended as part of the Magnifier Engine System. Because everyone has different energy needs and uses energy in their household in a different way (e.g. for different electronic devices and at different times of day) it is impossible to give a guaranteed figure for a reduction in your bills, but this product does claim to be able to slash electricity bills.

For many users, the only electricity that they have to pay for is around $20 worth per month which is used to run the machine when there is not enough sunlight available. Think how $20 compares to your current electricity bills, and then decide whether it would be worth having a go a building this machine to use at your home or residence.

For some people, the main advantage of this system is just being able to say “booyah” to energy providers who have been holding them hostage for years.

Is any support available for people who purchase the plan?

If you decide that you want to reduce your bills by purchasing the full guide to the Magnifier Engine System, then you may want to know what support is available to you. Hopefully you won’t need support, because the guide is so well written that anyone should be able to follow it, however, you need not worry. The sellers actually offer 24/7 unlimited email support to people who pay for this product.

If you are struggling with any aspect of making or using the device then you can get in contact with the customer support team to ask for assistance, and they will email you back as soon as they can to offer you all the advice that you need.

The author, Darren Holman, actually gives out his personal email address to all new buyers, so that they can get that extra confidence boost that they deserve.

Is the Magnifier Engine System worth it?

Reading all of the reviews about this device will answer this question. Many people claim to have slashed their bills by over $100, despite the fact that they spend very little on creating this energy saving device.

It is also worth remembering that once you build a device that works, you can keep using the device year on year to make saving after saving. As well as helping to save you money, this device uses renewable energy sources to help to power it, so it is worth it just to help to look after the environment.

What is more, this program is actually supported by a 60-day money back guarantee, which will help to give you the reassurances that you will need, so that you will know that it is a 100% worth investment. Darren Holman elected to offer the product with this guarantee so that people will feel more confident about buying the guide, and they will know that they are not risking their money on an unproven product.

If for some reason you feel that the guide has not given you the advice that you need about how to build a successful engine, or if you find that the engine is not starting to lower your energy bills, then you can apply for your money back, up until 60 days after you made your purchase.

Before you pay any money for this product, you are advised to read the full terms and conditions, so that you understand your rights and responsibilities in relation to the device, and so that you understand how you can claim your money back if you feel that you need to.

Buy the Magnifier Engine System guide today

If you are fed up of paying through the nose for your electricity, and you want to find a practical way to slash your bills by up to 90% almost overnight, then you should consider investing in the Magnifier Engine System.

This system is so simple that even a child would be able to follow the comprehensive instructions that you have been given, and you will be able to start using it within a few short hours of gathering all of the materials together. Once your device is hooked up to your home, you can sit back; continue to enjoy your current lifestyle and just watch your monthly electricity bills melt away down to almost nothing.

With a 60-day money back guarantee on offer when you buy this system from author Darren Holman, you would be churlish not to give it a go. Thousands of people across America claim that this system has already worked for them, and saved them the money that they need to start enjoying life once more.

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