Obesity And Need To Lose Weight

Fat Loss and Obesity

Where modern facilities have made our lives easier they have also left us lazy and with  obesity problems! We have wireless communication which allows us to sit at one place all day and stay connected; our entertainment is sought in computer games or music and our food involves mainly junk. All these unhealthy habits have led us to obesity.

Obesity or being overweight is one of the major issues that need to be resolved. More than 70% of population in the U.S is overweight. It is a disease that has spread throughout the world and people are trying hard to eliminate this problem. Many fat people can be seen in the gym working hard to reduce their weight and belly. Some can be seen on the streets, walking or sometimes running, just to burn calories and lose their belly fats, but they don’t seem to make any progress.

Why Lose Weight?

Gaining a few pounds over a long time may not seem alarming but these pounds can add up and accumulate over time. There are hundreds of reasons why losing excess and bad body fat is important and health is the biggest one. Overweight people are more vulnerable to fatal health conditions.

Some of the risks involved include:

  • Heart Diseases: It is a commonly known fact that heart disease risks are increased in overweight people. Obesity changes the heart and makes it work more in order to supply blood to all the cells in the body. Moreover, conditions like high cholesterol and blood sugar level also result in serious heart diseases.
  • High blood pressure: overweight people often have high blood pressure which is a grave problem and can lead to fatal conditions like hemorrhage and heart attack. Statistics reveal that more than 70% of overweight people in America have high blood pressure problem.
  • Cancer: Breast cancer is more likely to develop in overweight women as research shows that 50% of women with breast cancer are overweight. Other forms of cancers may also develop due to abnormal changes in hormones that result because of excessive fat cells.
  • Diabetes: Another fatal disease which is linked to being overweight or obese.
  • Osteoarthritis: Different sorts of joint pains and bone problems can occur due to overweight especially in aged people. Bones get frail and hence unable to carry too much weight.
  • Depression: being overweight means being ugly; no matter how rude this seems, it is a fact that fat people eventually become ugly and they lose their self confidence. As a result, serious depression engulfs them.
    These are just a few problems directly linked to being overweight or obese. While eating junk food and not doing any workout we don’t bother much about getting fat but once we are overweight, it seems impossible to get rid of the extra pounds piled up.
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