Pleurisy Causes – Pain, Test, And Treatment

There are various pleurisy causes that have been documented but many people still don’t know what causes these symptoms. What are some of the agents that are responsible for pleurisy?

This article will take you through these causes so that you are able to understand the pleurisy causes. This will definitely help you better understand the agents behind pleurisy.

One of the causes of pleurisy that is more common to many people is the bacterial infections with pneumonia and tuberculosis being the other diseases that are most associated with the causes of pleurisy.

These bacterial infections are attributed to the rubbing of the pleura against each other leading to chest pains. Other infections caused by parasites, fungi or viruses, can also be among the pleurisy causes.

Lung diseases are also a major contributor of the pleurisy causes with such diseases such as sarcoidosis, asbestosis and Cystic Fibrosis being the most influential of the lung diseases in causing pleurisy. Lung cancer or even breast cancer can at times spread to the pleura, and this would result in pleurisy making the two ranked as causes of pleurisy.

Exposure to toxic substances and the inhaling of chemicals have also been known to highly contribute to pleurisy as they are some of the pleurisy causes that may go unnoticed.

People who work in such environments are more prone to pleurisy especially those exposed to cleaning agents such as ammonia, and as such, necessary precautions should be taken to avoid inhaling these toxic substances.

The other cause of pleurisy is the accumulation of gas or air between the lung and the chest wall in the chest’s pleural cavity. This is most common due to trauma that may occur on the chest, and it is referred to as pneumothorax.

The autoimmune disorders area also considered being among the causes with some of the disorders causing destruction or disruption of some crucial parts of the human body.

These disorders are also responsible for most of the pains that one experiences when suffering from pleurisy as the body parts cannot be able to function normally.

There are other inherent conditions that are causes of pleurisy one of which is the Familial Mediterranean fever that is responsible for the swelling in the lungs or abdomen and also fever that is experienced by the pleurisy victims.

Sarcoma and Mesothelioma, which are pleura tumours, are also pleurisy causes as they affect the parts of the pleura that help in the normal functioning of the body. These are causes that are less common but nevertheless causes of pleurisy one of which is heart failure that is responsible for congestion and as such will result in pleurisy.

One should also be careful of the drugs that they take because some of them can also be among the causes of pleurisy especially those that are most likely to cause lupus syndrome. These drugs are such as phenytoin, procaine, and hydralazine which are no longer found in the United States.

There are also other causes of pleurisy some of which are not fully determined. The more determined causes are the abdominal processes like liver cirrhosis, damage to the spleen, gallbladder disease and pancreatitis.

These are the major causes of pleurisy and should at least give you a wide idea of how pleurisy comes about. There may be other causes that don’t fall among those that are listed above but those that have been outlined contribute to the highest percentage of the pleurisy causes.

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