Skeletal System Diseases – Leukemia, Scoliosis And More

There are many diseases of the skeletal system and you might think most of them would be similar but they are quite unique in many ways. Here are just a few of the diseases that can be found in the skeletal system.

Leukemia – Skeletal System

You might think of leukemia as a blood cell disease and therefore you think of blood when you think of leukemia. However, the disease begins in the sleletal system. This disease weakens those who have it by not allowing the body to defend itself against germs and disease. Sometimes replacement of bad blood with healthy blood can help this disease go into remission. There are many approaches to fighting this life altering disease.


There are multiple diseases related to the curving of the spine which is part of the sleletal system. One is Scoliosis. Sometimes this disease can be inherited but it can also develop when individuals get muscular diseases. As the muscles weaken and put more pressure on the skeleal sysem to carry the body weight, the spine become increasingly curved. Some other spinal curving diseases are hyperlordosis and kyphosis.

Osteoporosis – Skeletal System

Osteoporosis is a skeletal system disease. The bone tissue does not continue to regenerate itself in a healthy manner and becomes dry and brittle. Often senior citizens are diagnosed with this disease. This explains the higher number of broken bones in the elderly population than younger individuals. 


There are many types of arthritis but they all are connected to the sleletal system. This disease affects joints in the body. The joints are surrounded by fluid which causes pressure and pain in the joints for the people with the disese. This can hamper people from performing daily tasks with their hands, knees, hips, and wrists due to the pain the joints produce when used to complete a task. There re many medications that can help reduce the swelling and pressure on the joints. Some arthritis is inherited and some peole even experience it while they are young childen.

Rickets – Skeletal System

Rickets is a childrens disease where vitamin D is not provided in their daily nutrients or lifestyle and therefore the bone is not developing correctly. Rickets occurs when the bones do not mineralize correctly due to the lack of vitamin D. There is a form of this disease in adults called osteomelatia. Adding vitamin D to the person’s daily lifestyle will help improve this skeletal system disease.

There are manymore diseases involving the skeletal system that we do not have room to mention in this article. As with other parts of the body there are forms of bone cancer.

It is important to keep the 206 bones of the skeletal system healthy in your body through proper exercise, nutrition, and rest. Sitting and standing with proper posture will also help keep youre bones developing in a healthy manner. Wearing good arch support shoes will also help preent from back pain, foot pain, and future skeletal problems.Obesity is a current lifestyle issue which affects the developmentof the skeletal system for those over weight. Even though the weiht is not in the bones, it causes a great amont of wear and tear on the cartilege.

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