Some Common Signs Of The Lupus Disease

No matter how we look at any kind of disease, as long as it is a disease, it is bad. Luckily though, there are diseases which do not really make a person suffer like short-term disease which may include cough, headache, and more.

But, there are diseases, though short-term, still can make a person suffer during that time duration of the existence of the disease. These diseases may include infections like UTI or migraine, which are all suffer-causing to any person.

 What more will be worse if the disease that affects the person would be lifetime and also suffer-causing? Well, though there are lifetime diseases that are seemingly not suffer-causing ones, still, at some later time, it might get severe and may lead the person to death.

One disease which is lifetime and suffer-causing is called the lupus. This is a disease which involves the abnormal functioning of the immune system of a person. This article discusses some common answers to the question regarding what are the signs of lupus disease for awareness purposes.

 What are the Signs of Lupus Disease: Joint Pain

Pain felt in the joints is one of the answers to the question regarding what are the signs of lupus disease. Medically, we call these joint pains as arthritis. And by arthritis it means pain everywhere. And this is one of the very first signs of having the lupus disease regardless of the age and gender.

No matter how young the person is, he may get to suffer from arthritis. Name all the joints you can and all those are affected by the lupus. What happens during lupus disease is that the joints of the person will appear to be swelling and is really painful, which makes the person immobilized, and in worst cases, bed-ridden.

 What are the Signs of Lupus Disease: Muscle Pain

Another answer to the question regarding what are the signs of lupus disease is muscle pain. This is also one of the most common first signs when a person will have the lupus disease. Particularly, muscles near the joints are most affected and easily noticed.

Inflammation will be experienced by the muscles affected by lupus. Losing of strength is the result of this sign and so the person somewhat becomes unproductive in terms of physical work.

Other muscles all over the body may also get affected and experience inflammation as well and this may cause discomfort or immobilization as well to the person.

 What are the Signs of Lupus Disease: Chest Pain

Chest pain is also an answer to the question regarding what are the signs of lupus disease. Aside from the problem and stress because of the very expensive treatments, this is also happening because the heart and lungs of the person is affected by the lupus.

Particularly, the heart tissues, veins and other parts will experience inflammation as well. In fact, the person will have hard time breathing normally as breathing becomes painful. And any simple movement involving the torso is also painful most especially in severe cases of the lupus disease.

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