Stress Management Through Surya Namaskar

The Priceless method of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a sequence of twelve yoga poses, also known as Sun Salutation. This sequence of yoga poses has been found to have numerous benefits for the body. These benefits range from improving cardiovascular health, and circulation to lowering stress and removing toxins from the body.

Releasing Stress:

Dealing with stress is an important part of life. Each person has various stress inducing events that must be dealt with every day. Because of this, it is important to have a routine that can help you manage this stress. Surya namaskar is a solution that many have found. One of the keys to this sequence of poses is in the breathing.

Controlled Breathing:

Steady, rhythmic breathing is used both when performing a certain pose and also when moving from one pose to another. This consistent, controlled breathing helps reduce stress and tension in the body. The lungs are also thoroughly ventilated which allows for more oxygen to be carried in the blood.

This high oxygenation results in more oxygen reaching other important systems of the body which allows them to function better. The improved function can also increase memory and restore hormone balances in the body. On top of all of this, the improved circulation also allows for more toxins such as carbon dioxide to be removed from the body.

All of these improvements result in a feeling of overall health and wellness which helps dealing with stress a lot better. When your body feels well, your mind worries less about what could be going wrong or what might be making you sick.

While simple breathing helps best in dealing with stress on its own’ the motions involved in the poses stretch various parts of the body. This results in improved digestion, blood flow, flexibility, the toning and conditioning of muscles, and the strengthening and realignment of the spine.

When the body is stretched and relaxed the mind calms as well. The overall feeling of wellbeing that can be found after completing the yoga sequences allows you to focus more thoroughly and address issues that usually generate stress in a calm, optimistic manner.

Meditating to Success:

A common companion to yoga is meditation. This delves further into controlled breathing, allowing the practitioner to calm all their nerves and focus only on their breathing. When this is done, they are able to focus on what is on their mind and better assess how important that thing really is.

For many, stress accumulates when they fixate on too many small details that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. When yoga and meditation allows them to focus on breathing and calm their minds, they can better isolate which things really matter and which tiny details they shouldn’t worry about. This enables them to approach the issues that matter with more confidence and determination while allowing them to disregard the things that are petty or unimportant.

Lastly, the focus on breathing and calming mind and body allows the practitioner to approach situations that would cause stress in a calmer way. The breathing practices condition the body and reduce the levels of the hormones that cause stress and panic. By conditioning the body to respond calmly, the practitioner is able to face these stressful situations with calm and focus.

Dealing with stress in a positive and constructive way is pretty vital for one’s well-being. The use of surya namaskar to both warm up the body and improve mental functions is a fantastic way to accomplish this. The overall improvement to both body and mind that is experienced with this series of poses makes it a vital part of the morning routine and evening calming sessions for countless individuals seeking to deal with stress and anxiety.

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