Symptoms Of Diabetes In Teens – Read More

Symptoms of Diabetes in Teens, the things you want to know more deeply and we will discuss it here, but before that we also have discussed about Type 1 Diabetes Definition.

A disease that usually only affects older people, it turns out diabetes can also affect children and teens, hence why you need to know the symptoms of diabetes in teens.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Teens

Diabetes in teens or children are usually caused by hereditary factors of the family who have the same symptoms of diabetes, it is also the cause why so many children and young people affected by diabetes.

Diabetes that strikes teens with type 1 diabetes usually, Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas produces little insulin, or even does not produce it at all, whereas the hormone is needed to convert glucose into energy.

You as parents should also be vigilant with type 2 diabetes who can strike teens, those at risk are children who have a talent with unhealthy lifestyle, eating and activity that is not balanced so that obese or overweight.

Avoid Diabetes for Teens

Now, how to avoid diabetes for teens? there are various ways you can do to make or prevent diabetes early, diantarany as follows :

Reducing Food Portions

Reduce the size of the meal is the best thing you can do to prevent diabetes in teens, because of excessive eating will make you obese or overweight, so it makes you susceptible to diabetes.

Sufficient Exercise

Healthy habits will make you more healthy and happy, because with the start exercise sufficient will greatly help teens affected by diabetes.From now on you are still teens, soon began to live a healthy life early on by doing regular exercise.Of course you can do any sport you like, as long as it makes your body more healthy

Routine Breakfast

There are some people who probably hated breakfast, but for anything you hate breakfast.You have to start and do it, because it is so important for the future health, a healthy breakfast is also of course can make you control your appetite.

Not only was the breakfast also helps you to burn calories, of course, it makes sarapat healthy is a good solution to prevent diabetes, especially for your teens.

Avoid fatty foods

Fatty foods or junk food may often be found on the streets, now you need to know the actual food like this you should avoid.Because it can make the development of bad fat in your body, it would be very bad for your health because it will be more susceptible to diabetes.

Not only that, fatty foods also affect the level of sugar in the body, and of course this is extremely dangerous, so for those of you who can eat fatty foods, avoid immediately begin now.

Enough Sleep

Enough sleep at night at least 6-7 hours, can greatly help you avoid diabetes.Not only that with enough sleep will also help you avoid the stress, of course this will make your life better and quality.

Especially if you’re still teens, eat from now soon enough sleep for the sake of your long-term health.

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