Symptoms Of Diverticulitis – Diet And Lifestyle

Do you really know all of the symptoms of diverticulitis? Perhaps one of your family members is suffering from this right now and you want to be sure you are accurate in your assessment.

The symptoms are really not that obscure and you will be able to determine this mostly from just this list give you. Of course I would highly recommend you go to your Doctor to run more tests on you to rule out any other more severe stomach problems.

First off this disease does not really affect the youth. This is because when we are younger our colon is much stronger. In fact many people over 40 years of age are more likely to come down with these disease then children. As well many people in the western world are more likely to suffer from this disease.

This is mostly because of diet and lifestyle. The United States has far more occurrences of this disease than any other country. I think the American lifestyle is really killing people and there should be changes made quickly to reverse this.

In order to really diagnose this problem however a CT scan should be performed on the affected area and the ingestion of a barium enema to make sure the digestive system is operating correctly. This is by far the most accurate way to really determine if you are suffering from this disease or not.

Now typically diverticulitis symptoms include feelings of being bloated and extra gas is in your system. Your jeans may feel a bit tight on you. As well you may also suffer from nausea when this is the most extreme. These symptoms should not be taken lightly however, as diverticulitis is a very serious ailment.

Many people mistake diverticulitis as being something else and dismiss it. When the pain threshold becomes too much then they break down and see a Doctor. However, if you are just starting to experience any of the above symptoms then I highly recommend you really look at your diet and see if you can start making immediate changes.

You see diverticulitis is caused by a lack of fiber in the diet. IF you just start to feel bloat you can immediately add more fiber on a regular basis and stave off these symptoms. You will not only need to change your diet but also your lifestyle.

Having diverticulitis can be overcome however so when you recognize the symptoms start to work immediately in making changes to how you live on a daily basis. Can you replace your morning cereal with a bowl of oatmeal instead? Can you perhaps add more fruit to your diet instead of the sweets?

Perhaps you can stave off the afternoon hunger woes with some Apples instead of just snacking on a candy bar from the vending machine at work.

By making these small changes you will reduce the symptoms of diverticulitis and also reverse any possibility of getting this in the future. It really just involves some small changes to your daily habits and you will experience great rewards.

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