The Infamous Nervous System And The Facts

The human body is one of sciences greatest mysteries in the biological world that can be studies. Though scientist a very knowledgeable understanding of how the body works, there are still questions that can not be answered. For instance, it is a known fact that a humans, we only use, at most, nine percent of our brain.

There is still a little under ninety five percent unaccounted for that scients have no idea about. They have hypothesised what lies beyond that nine percent, but there has been no test to prove if their theories are correct. Apart of the main working and processing factors of the human body is the central nervous system.

The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and retina. The nervous system operates along receiving, processing, and sending out signals throughout the bodies informing it how to react. Many people believe that they have every bit of control over how they perceive the world and how they react to it.

When in fact, how we perceive the world and react to it is all up to our nervous systems. If there is something that we do not like when it comes to taste, smell, or what we see, the nervous system is what tells us that.

One of the primary functions of the nervous system is fire responses all over our body upon what information our neurons bring back. It is responsible for us being able to understand language, social interaction, the five senses and memory processing.

There are neurons placed all over our body. Whenever we have an interaction with our environment of any kind, the neurons absorb that information and send it back to the central nervous system. From there, the nervous system processes the information gathered and then sends back a message that tells our bodies how to react.

Another interesting fact about the nervous system is that it records every bit of information from the time we were born to help us remember experiences so that it can constantly grow. For instance, if you have had a bad experience eating a particular food, and can not find yourself to be able to eat it again, that was because of your nervous system was able to remember that.

When we see how our society operates, as well as other cultures, or memory is able to retrieve collected information over time and send out information telling us how to react to certain situations.

If someone where to push you, and you find yourself getting very upset, and yet you do not know why, it is because your nervous system has already processed the information received through your eyes and sent back a message for you to become emotionally upset.

When we are in a conversation, and we find ourselves determining the emotional context, we will begin to respond accordingly to the topic. Already, our nervous system has already received needed information and processed how we were going to talk, what we were going to say, and how were going to say it.

Our system is what allows us to have the ability of understand and speak our language. One of the most interesting fact about the nervous system is the pain factor. When we are hurt, we instantly feel pain.

However, the question rises from do our bodies feel pain because of the injury or because our nervous system said so? Our bodies do not actually feel pain itself, it is the nervous system that receives the information that we have been hurt, and sends back the responses to feel pain in that particular area.

Doctors believe that our minds are wired, and some wiring is hard to be undone. This very much is true. Our brains are wired due to our nervous to know how to respond and react due to our past experiences.

The nervous system processes all of our experiences and stores that information for when similar situations come around. Can this wiring change, yes. We find that throughout our lives our feelings for things change, our tastes change, sometimes memories get mixed up. This is how we as humans grow.

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