Thinks We Need To Know About Neutropenic Precautions

Your white blood cells count may lessen considerably once you begin your treatment, however you can avoid exposure to germs that cause infections in your surroundings by following particular Neutropenic Precautions.

Neutropenic Precautions

If your white blood cells count drops to 1,200/mm3 or lower, you are considered to be neutropenic for which nurse will get in touch with you. Till the time your white blood cell count goes up, it will be essential for you to follow a few extra procedures, termed as neutropenic preventative measures, to lessen your possibility for illness.  These extra procedures are:

  • Keep a track of your temperature by anyways at least twice each day.  Contact your doctor right away if your temperature taken by mouth is over 100.4° Fahrenheit.
  • Reduce intake of foods that might easily carry bacteria, from your diet, specially which include: soups that are cold and are made from fresh vegetables and fruits, fish salads or raw meats, cheese which has a natural characteristic, eggs that are uncooked, dried, frozen or fresh fruits, herbs that are uncooked, black pepper and spices, ice tea instantly made, punch or coffee, sashimi and sushi.
  • Keep away from fresh plants and flowers that might have microorganisms in the mud as Neutropenic precautions.
  • Avoid rectal thermometers, suppositories and enemas.
  • Except for a crisis, don’t get into any work that involves dental performance. If you have any kind of urgent situation that needs dental performances, notify your dentist when you plan your visit with him or appointment with him that you are getting chemotherapy moreover, as Neutropenic precautions inform him as to what is your latest white blood cell count. You might be required to recommend your dentist to get in touch with your oncologist former to your planned dental performances.
  • At all times make sure that you wear shoes to avoid cuts on yourself.
  • Keep your hands away from burns or/and cuts.  While you are cleaning dishes make sure you put on rubber gloves.  Make sure you use protective measures such as potholders or some other aids when baking or cooking.  Put on gloves while gardening this forms a part of Neutropenic precautions.
  • Always use sunscreen with a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 25 to keep away from sunburns.
  • Always make sure while shaving under your legs or arms that you make use of an electric razor so that you avoid cuts in your skin.
  • Make sure you notify you friends and family members not to visit you if they are ill. This is to prevent you from catching the same illness and making things worse for you.
  • Ask all your friends or family members to rinse their hands using a soap that is anti-bacterial before they enter into the room.
  • Make sure you take vigilant personal cleanliness of yourself as Neutropenic precautions.
  • Do not use aftershave, perfume, cologne, make-up, lotion, cream, and deodorant these are the things that might block the pores of your skin and will turn out into an infection. You can ask your nurse for a lotion that will be helpful in such cases.
  • Make sure when taking Neutropenic precautions you cleanse your hands often, particularly before you sit to eat or may be after coming out of the bathroom.

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