Top 5 Natural Remedies And Necessary Changes For An ADHD Patient!

Mental or psychological disorders are as severe a problem as the physical problems or diseases. People often fail to give importance to these mental disorders. However, the fact is that these too have a severe impact on our mental health as well as physical health. In fact, when not taken care of, prolonged psychological disorders can be too dangerous and threatening.

Amongst the many psychological disorders, one common one that is frequently diagnosed in kids as well as adults are ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As the name suggest, a patient of this disorder is all inattentive and has a serious problem in focussing or concentrating.

In many cases, they are engaged in too many activities at the same time or are hyperactive. Proper diagnosis and medicines might treat this condition to a great extent. However, some of these drugs have harsh side effects, when taken for long. But, choosing the natural remedies for ADHD instead is an excellent idea.

Dietary changes:

The first natural remedy is to improve the dietary consumption of the sufferer.

Carbohydrate: ADHD Patient

One should switch to taking complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans or starchy vegetables. As ADHD is mostly associated with dopamine and serotonin levels, when you take care of your dietary changes, it will be highly useful for you to keep your energy levels high. This is particularly useful for the hyperactive patients.


Along with carbohydrates, the protein consumption must also be quite high. Protein helps in boosting memory. Nuts, fish, beans and legumes must always be incorporated into the diet.

Avoid certain foods: ADHD Patient

There are particular types of foods that can contribute to low serotonin levels. These include –

  • Food additives like taste enhancers or colors
  • Processed foods
  • Processed dairy products

These changes will bring serious changes in your condition.

Take enough sleep, spend time with yourself and rest:

Research studies have proven that spending time in nature and spending time alone is quite beneficial for an ADHD patient. Going for a little walk, walking the dog or simply sitting by nature is helpful.

Along with this, one should take enough rest. At least 8 hours of sound sleep is a must for these patients so that they are fresh in the morning and do not have to start a day with tiredness.

Bedtime Massage:

Amongst the many proven natural remedies for ADHD in children is bedtime massage. Before the kids go to bed, the parents or caregivers can wet the hands and use a little organic oil to rub the baby gently. Head to toe massage once a week is most useful. But, simply rubbing the hands and legs or a gentle massage of the head can also be helpful in relaxation.

Natural medicines:

Instead of the chemical based drugs, natural medicines such as fish oil, B-complex, probiotic, multi-mineral supplements, etc. can be very useful in naturally treating ADHD.

However, before you do any of these, it is a must that you have your or your child’s condition thoroughly diagnosed by the doctor. Consulting with the doctor will help you to follow these natural remedies.

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