Understanding The Symptoms Of Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis symptoms are sometimes hard to define because it is a disease of heart arterial wall. This disease impacts directly on the blood flow and impairs it by narrowing the channels and thus the layer becomes thick and sometimes excruciating.

This disease can affect any part of human body but it is said to be seriously harmful for the heart as well as it is dangerous for the brain and blood vessels that goes to the brain areas. Sometimes, this disease can lead to the serious illness and kidney. Intestines and blood related problems and it happens due to the reduced blood pressure in specific area.

Atherosclerosis symptoms

Atherosclerosis Symptoms And Most Effected Body Parts

  • Identifying or diagnosing this disease will help you to get rid of any future troubles.
  • Atherosclerosis Symptoms makes the patient feels weary and the working performance decreases with the time.
  • This disease damages the human body tissues and leads to the sores and pains. This generally happen due to the impaired and improper blood flow.
  • Sometimes, the Atherosclerosis patient faces the breathing issues problems.
  • The sore areas in Atherosclerosis patient’s feet or sometimes in the different parts of legs can appear and it could look like never healing sores.
  • Atherosclerosis patient sometimes faces body skin color change and it happens especially in their legs.
  • In some conditions, the patient faces the erectile dysfunction.

Conditions And Associated

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease – This disease commonly occurs when the blockage is found in arteries of Atherosclerosis patient’s limbs and legs. It can be easily diagnosed by a patient because it causes the pain in patient’s legs. This pain can be excruciating or mild but it occurs differently. The Peripheral Arterial pain occurs in the patient’s hips, thighs or calves and it can occur in one or both side according to the disease.
  • Angina – Angina is similar to the disease of Peripheral Arterial because they both are caused due to reduced blood supply and cause the reduction in blood supply. The Angina can be identified by the patient if he is facing some kind of discomfort in the chest and this disease also triggers some pain in the patient’s chest. The patient of Angina commonly feels tight, heaviness and dullness in their chest and it eventually lead to the health reduction or pass out.
  • Aneurysm – Aneurysm directly effects on the blood vessels walls and it weakens them which can later lead to the critical formation of the Aneurysm disease. This is not critical when it is formed but it becomes critical and splits the blood vessels if it grew too large. This results in the internal bleeding and it damages the human body organs. This can lead you to the fatal results.
  • Heart Attack – The Heart Attack occurs due to the blood clot which leads to the blockage of the blood circulation in heart. The Heart Attack symptoms may include over whelming anxiety, chest pain, breath shortness, Nausea, lightheadedness, wheezing and vomiting.

These Atherosclerosis symptoms will help you identifying and diagnosing this disease.

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