What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children?

Almost 80 percent of Children who are under 16 years of age are affected by diabetes Type 1 which is caused by malfunctioning pancreas. Diabetes 1 comes under autoimmune disease as pancreas is not capable of generating insulin. In such conditions your body’s immune system attacks your own cells and also tissues of the organs. The aim of this article is to make you understand the nature and symptoms of diabetes in children.

Conditions that tell you the symptoms of Diabetes in Children

The number of children affected by symptoms of diabetes in children has increased throughout the world. There is an exponential increase in the number of affected children over the years. Obesity in children is one of the main reasons for the possibility of diabetes in children.

Obesity has become a nightmare for nutritionists and the Government. Junk food containing oodles of fat remains a favorite among children. Other life threatening diseases that could be caused by obesity are diabetes, stroke, blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders.

Symptoms of diabetes in children are developed for various reasons and the prominent reason for diabetes is still unclear. The possible reasons for type 1 diabetes could be mutation of genes and also other environmental factors. Health surveys have come out with shocking information that children with juvenile diabetes do not have family history of diabetes. Some of the typical symptoms of diabetes in children are

  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • Becoming extremely tired and showing signs of weakness
  • Experiencing abrupt and unexpected weight loss or weight gain
  • Urinating frequently
  • Voracious appetite suddenly
  • Getting irritated easily and for nothing.

Some children may get severe headaches, cramps or stomach ache and changes in behavioral patterns. Prior to diagnosing type 1 diabetes, diabetic acidosis may befall. Awareness programs on juvenile diabetes should be screened for high schools students and parents. It is advised that you consult a doctor even when you find a slightest abnormality in your child. It is the onus of the parents to keep a check on the kid’s health.

Diet to follow after seeing the symptoms of diabetes in children

Diabetes Type 1 is not curable, but once you find symptoms of diabetes in children you have to follow few simple steps to manage and control diabetes. The moment you find the symptoms, it’s time to start treating you child. The earlier the treatment starts, the lesser is the further complications. Make sure your kid understands the disease, the ill effects of junk food, how following a healthy life style may reduce the effects of the disease. Consult an expert dietician to give your child’s diet chart and help your kid follow it meticulously. Following a balance diet is as important as taking medicines for diabetes type 1.

Your child’s diet and exercise may include:

  • Rich carbohydrate and fiber diet.
  • Diet low on sugar and refined flour
  • Lots of greens and fruits
  • Lots of water to keep them hydrated.
  • Increase in their daily activity like walking, swimming, jogging, yoga and cycling.

It is advised that you follow these simple steps after seeing the symptoms of diabetes in children to keep you children away from further complications of diabetes.

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