What Are The Types Different Of Sarcoidosis? Treatment

There are different types of sarcoidosis auto-immune disease that are named by the part of the body it develops in or affects. Auto-immune diseases are caused when there is an injury or infection of an organ and the immune system becomes over active and destroys normal cells along with the infected cells and continues.

Sarcoidosis types can be acute or chronic. Acute sarcoidosis appears quickly and causes a skin rash on different parts of the body. There will also be fever, joint pain and swollen lymph nodes. This type of sarcoidosis normally clears up on its own and does not require treatment. 

Chronic sarcoidosis is one of the serious sarcoidosis types. It is characteristic of a scarring rash on vital organs such as heart, lungs, brain and the skin for a prolonged amount of time. This type can also resolve itself but it normally does not and requires extensive treatment.

Different Types Of Sarcoidosis

Cardiac Sarcoidosis – There are four cardiac sarcoidosis types. They are heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, coronary disease and pericardial disease. Inflammation from cardiac sarcoidosis, can damage every part of the heart. Any of these conditions can lead to sudden cardio death.

Neurosarcoidosis – Involves the central nervous system cranial nerves at the base of the head and neck. The lesions caused by sarcoidosis cause mental disorders, seizures, headaches and pain in the neck

Rare Thyroid Disease – Sarcoidosis of the thyroid gland is very rare but can develop. The scar tissue causes the gland to enlarge and become overactive.

Hypopigmented Sarcoidosis Skin – The sarcoidosis lesions normally clear up on their own but the scars and discoloring of the skin can be devastating for the patient that is left with them.

Lung – Pulmonary Sarcoidosis causes scarring of the lung and cause lasting symptoms of shortness of breath, severe difficult breathing and can be fatal.

Subcutaneous Sarcoidosis – Another skin development with sarcoidosis and causes numerous nodules on extremities and the trunk that cause extreme scarring and discoloring of the skin.

Enlarged Lymph Nodes – There are two types of sarcoidosis that cause the lymph nodes to swell. The first is hilar lymph nodes are located where the bronchial tubes enter the lungs. Mediastinal lymph nodes are at the centre of the chest just outside of the lungs.

There is not a cure for sarcoidosis but there are some drugs that have been used to relieve the symptoms. Different types of sarcoidosis treatments include corticosteroid prednisone which has been very successful in treating inflammation caused by sarcoidosis and is the normally the first drug that is tried when the condition does not clear up on its own. 

Steroids have many bad affects that can be worse than the condition it is meant to help. NSAIDs have also been recommended for inflammation, joint pain and arthritis. There has been some relief for some types of auto-immune sarcoidosis disease using these drugs. Topical corticosteroids such as eye drops, skins creams and respiratory sprays have been used. They are safer than the oral drugs but are less effect.

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