What Causes High Triglycerides – The Common And Less Common Causes

High triglycerides are not a mystery and while this is the case, the all time question in the minds of many is what causes high triglycerides. Research has proven that these are independent risk factor for heart conditions and as such, there is every reason to be concerned about its causes. Before embarking to have a look at what causes high triglycerides, it is ideal to have a clear picture of what triglycerides are.

What are Triglycerides?

This refers to the chemical form in which lipids (fats) exist. They account for 95% of fatty tissue and exist in foods consumed. Additionally, they can be easily converted from non-fatty foods like carbohydrates. This often occurs when you consume more calories than the required by the body.

Causes – High Triglycerides

For the purpose of convenience the causes can be broken down into two, the less common causes and the most common causes.

What Causes High Triglycerides - The Common And Less Common Causes

Less Common Causes – High Triglycerides

There are some medical conditions known to contribute to high triglycerides and these include the following.

Kidney Diseases

In this case, the patient suffers from conditions that are brought about by high triglycerides and this includes Neprotic syndrome. Treatment in this case involves lowering the triglycerides directly as well as the blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Liver disease

This has also been closely associated with high triglycerides and causes fatty liver. In this case, there is also accumulation and overproduction of fats in the liver cells.


This also causes high triglycerides though they reach the peak during the 3rd trimester. However, this is not common.

Common Causes – High Triglycerides

When seeking answers on what causes high triglycerides, it is ideal to keep the following high cause factors in mind.


Individuals suffering from diabetes are likely to struggle with increased triglycerides. In addition to this, they also tend to have low levels of HDL cholesterol.  It is easy for anyone with high triglycerides and cholesterol to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Since diabetes is hard to control, in such cases, it is also difficult to bring high triglycerides under control.


Triglycerides are used as fuel by the body but when it is in excess, it must be stored and this is what causes high triglycerides in cases of obesity. Obesity however, is a condition that can be easily controlled. Patients in this case are advised to eat healthy and exercise regularly.


Poor diet is also ranked among the common causes of high triglycerides but this is not something to panic over. This is because you can easily control your diet by simply choosing to opt for healthier foods. Your diet should be comprised of whole grains, organic fruits, fresh vegetables, meats that are low in saturated fats, complex carbohydrates and salmon or tuna fish which are in essential oils such as omega 3. Make a commitment watch your diet keenly and in no time, you will lower your triglycerides level.

It is important for everyone to learn what causes high triglycerides in good time. With this information, it is considerably easy to get a grip on some of the factors that can be controlled.

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